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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Social media and Television Abstract This is a research paper done with an aim of establishing the extent to which the social media is incorporated into the traditional TV programs. The paper aims at ascertaining whether the social media incorporation has changed the way in which traditional TV programs are presented, whether a change has been embraced in the content of the TV programs and whether the new trends are positive or negative with regards to social structures.


Computers have developed so drastically that within a very short span one can barely survive without the aid of computers. It is through these computers based, and Internet enabled programs that the analogue world is nearly literally shaken off the market. Television programs have always been aired, and people have watched them with diligence and pathos (Shepatin, 50). News anchors and news reporters have always presented their programs using the analogue systems without any heaviness of the heart since there was no option. On the contrary, no news anchor would be comfortable with the systems used just some ten or so years ago especially in the developed world. The good news is that, despite the harassment from the digital world, the managers and owners of the beautiful old systems have embraced the digital era, and in many ways have improved their systems to engage the minds of the youth and the technically oriented population. Thus, the world has been made a small village by the ease of communication and more so the ability to get instant feedback even when a program is being aired (Atkinson, 123). ...
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