Personal code of ethics as a Media Communicator

Personal code of ethics as a Media Communicator Assignment example
Journalism & Communication
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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module Title: Module ID: Submission date: Career Life Mission Statement The current study aims to present a mission statement by elaborating my ideas and objectives with regards to the responsibilities of a true, dedicated and honest professional journalist.


The core values I adhere to have been discussed in the paragraphs below: Part I-Introduction: Journalism serves as one of the most important and noble professions, which is determined to provide the people with the latest information regarding the political, social, economic, cultural and strategic incidents and events taking place in various areas and regions of the globe at large (Macionis 130-31). One of the most important tasks before the journalists includes communicating of the swift and comprehensive updates about the news associated with the rulers, nations, public and cultures that may capture the consideration of the masses belonging to the pole-apart regions of the world. Hence, keeping the people up-dated with the fast changing geo-political and socioeconomic scenarios serves as the most fundamental objective in the eyes of the journalists. In simple terms, communicating the news of regional, social, national and international concerns, based on truth and validity as well as without having any fears of being persecuted, could rightly be stated to be the first and foremost obligation of the journalist community. Consequently, unveiling the criminal activities, social injustices, prejudiced behavior of the influential groups and communities, and pointing out the social evils prevailing in a culture come under the list of the duties attributed to the profession of journalism. ...
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