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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Conflict Resolution Introduction Conflict resolution is a common practice in many settings in the contemporary world. Conflict resolution is described as the techniques and practices undertaken in enabling the peaceful termination of a disagreement.


Informal conflict is a disagreement whereby, the parties involved in the disagreement decide to solve their differences peacefully among themselves or with a mediator rather than doing it the official way. This nature of a conflict is less costly in terms of money and less involving. The methods, which will be applied in this conflict resolution exercise, will include distancing; one of the parties in disagreement stays away from the other; negotiation; allow the parties in dispute to sit down and discuss amongst themselves on how to terminate their differences peacefully. The last technique will be the mediation process, which will involve the intervention of a third party to try to reconcile the disagreeing parties. The parties in disagreement will have to give a brief account of the incident, which led to the conflict, declare their stance as far as the incident is concerned, their feelings, concerns, and emotions as well as their views. A brief conversation has to take place between the parties where they will state their stance concerning the resolution, including their level of satisfaction emotionally, physically, and psychologically. This will give the mediator confidence and strong will to carry out other mediation processes in the future (Ramsbotham, Tom & Hugh, 2011, 15). ...
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