Fives Bases of Power in Communication- A Case of US Army

Fives Bases of Power in Communication- A Case of US Army Essay example
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Communication plays an important role in almost every aspect of military. There is no room for lapse in communication as it can bring about drastic outcomes in the seriousness of the situations armies of the world operate in.


Unity in purpose minimizes the chances of any mishaps and superseding of orders. Leadership skills are one of the most important assessment categories in army recruitment. If a soldier can assume the role of a leader when the situation requires him to do so, is an important factor that contributes toward the professional growth of a soldier and his potential rank. The US Army leadership philosophy’s main attributes are the famous ‘Be, Know, and Do’, (Hesselbein & Cavanaugh, 2004), i.e., it depends upon who they are, what they know (expertise and intellect) and what they do (action). Army leaders are required to have character, values, and ethics along with impeccable communication skills. The leadership style can differ for different ranks, according to the chain of command and level of authority. Some positions require the leader to be authoritative whereas some require him to be slightly empathetic toward his subordinates to motivate and bring them together as a team, working toward the accomplishment of one mission. Efficient Armies of the world require their leader to be good at influencing and directing the soldiers with a main goal of successful missions and building organizational strength. ...
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