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Journal for Small Group Communication Communication Competence in Groups Week One Month…Year… Being an active member of an athletic team specialized in the field of soccer there have been many things to explore. Throughout the period of working and playing with each of my team members, I got the opportunity to groom my athletic skills to a very large extent.


We have team strength of 15 members whereby all of us are competent enough in our specified sport i.e. soccer. However, not all of us are equally skilled. A few of us are still learning to play volleyball in a proper format. Nevertheless, somehow we have managed to set our standards to a much higher level. We have always focused on playing cohesively and in this process have been able to fulfill the facets associated with task orientation. Furthermore, all of us in due course have got the opportunity to exercise our relational orientation skills that in turn have helped in deriving improvements in our group communication process as well. Our cohesive existence and sports training provided great aid in the development of the communication competence among ourselves. It has been able to create all round impact in improving our communication process so that we are able to lucidly convey our strategies with each other. It has resulted in the creation of all round improvement in maintaining a flow proper flow of the feedback mechanism process (Rothwell 1-381). Groups as Systems Week Two Month…Year… We represent a diverse team with efficient skills specialized in volleyball. ...
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