Interpersonal Communication: Knapp’s Relational Development in the Movie "No Strings Attached"

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Whatever the kind of relationship we try to establish with other people – friendship, romantic relationship, or other things – it goes through various stages that goes on a cyclic process.


However, some stages may be skipped and moved on to the next one. Some stops at some point and some may start over again that becomes a cycle. Mark Knapp’s relational development model includes ten stages, five of which is basically building one and the rest is tearing them apart. Adam and Emma’s unusual relationship in the movie No Strings Attached is probably one significant type of relationship that can be studied.
According to Knapp, Initiating as the first stage of the relationship begins with the simple introduction between two individuals. Between Adam and Emma, their relationship began at a summer camp when they were young teenagers. Their body language apparently shows that it was an awkward meeting, especially with the way their small talk has progressed. Seeing each other again after five years in a fraternity party when they were university students was made led to what Knapp calls the Experimenting stage in a relationship. When Emma invited Adam to her father’s funeral, it became obvious in the movie that she is not comfortable talking about situations concerning emotions. Calling her father’s funeral “this thing” shows that it is her way of coping with the loss of a member of her family. Although Emma did not express her feelings and beliefs about the situation and certain issues to Adam, her gestures simply speak of her opening up herself and sharing her beliefs with him. ...
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