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A Persuasive Campaign for Morning Flakes Products Name Course Institution Introduction Explanation of the product Morning Flakes contain proven ingredients necessary for the welfare of various constituents of the consumer population (Larson, 2013). Morning Flakes is a cereal consumer product whose benefit is to enable corn consumers to benefit from low-priced cereals yet highly enriched, and valuable cereal product for family use.


For example, diabetes and hypertension patients are put into consideration during the production since the company’s research and development team establishes a differentiated product for that particular group of people (p.2). Arguably, the Morning Flakes product is classified into the different categories to ensure that all the neglected niches acquire the benefit of dining on healthy cereals during their meals. Methods of marketing the product The research and development process of the persuasive campaigns The survey undertaken by the company’s R&D team revealed that most of the population in developing economies comprised of the baby-boomer generation who are currently living within the range of 50 years. Marketing campaigns seek to enhance a company’s penetration to the consumers at both the local and the global platforms (p.39). Bearing such findings in mind, the research study enabled the team to table a proposal seeking the management of to produce a product that would serve the segment needs of these groups of people. ...
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