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The essay uses three advertisement campaigns from two different genres to demonstrate the power of advertisement in shaping social trends in the society. In today’s society, advertisements play a big role in the decision making of the consumers.


The trends and the case studies on advertising and promotion showed that if the advertisement of a product or service has big impact, it generates more sales. Advertising is basically a communication process, which influences a person or a group of people to take decision on purchasing a product or service. Media Awareness Network states that the typical US citizen on average will see 3000 ads per day (Media Awareness, 2010). With such a high level of advertising around consumers every day, is it most likely that advertising shapes society. Since the number is high in terms of viewing the advertisements, now the question arises whether the advertising industry shapes and creates social trends or it just mirrors the pre-existing social trends. When one delves deep into the topic, it is witnessed that majority of the advertisements – whether it is print or digital – modern day advertisement shapes and creates social trends and not just follows the pre-existing social trends. It is important for the advertisement industry to play a big role in the well-being of the society when one debates whether advertisements shape the social trends in modern days. The messages and behaviours that the advertisers are trying to achieve also should revolve around the ethical issues of the society. Advertising is the vehicle through which the brand, product or service reach the target audience or consumers, sometimes by creating the demand of the product in the society ...
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