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Internet’s Potential in Establishing and Building Communities Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Ancient world widely differs from the current world in a number of ways. The modes of life that existed in gone days show a noticeable difference when compared with current life aspects.


These technological advancements led to the introduction of the internet, which most sectors have been put in use in their operations. The essay that follows is a research on the potential of the internet for building and establishing communities with reference to specific online groups. The internet is a communication medium that people use in their daily life activities due to its viability. The idea of its use has a long history line where people in the past years used to communicate to others, but discoveries and advancements in communication technology by visionary people brought changes in its current usage in the present society. These discoveries aimed at creating a new communication where people would effectively communicate with others, putting in mind how proper use of the internet can impact the community (Riel, 2013). Most of online programs rely on the internet for their operation, a quality which has made its use rampant in the various activities. The internet and Social Networks The internet contributes in a large percentage the way social media operate, since operation of online groups like blogs, online chats, YouTube, multiplayer online games, Facebook, twitter, video conferencing, among others relies on the internet (Bertho, Crawford & Fogarty, 2008). ...
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