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In chapter 10, page 191, There is a tendency when reading critical accounts of communication and culture to slip into “What’s the point of all these?” Or, better yet, “if this is true, then the problem is too big and we are all doomed.” One’s language will influence their view of the world and how they perceive their surroundings, the environment and even how the think; this is culture. In chapter one page 7 “Culture is a system of shared meanings and assumptions that draw people together within a social context of shared power.” The above definition points to the fact that culture is reflected in one’s language and reflects on how the particular people perceive the world (Warren & Deanna, 2011). The other point of view is that Culture is reflected in language. Cultural is reflected in language. Cultural requirements do not determine structure of language, but influence how, but influence how it is used. Human beings do not live in isolation but with other human beings. This living together brings in the urge to communicate with one another and pass information from one person to another. It is this communication that leads to the development of language. Language is therefore considered a means for communication mostly through verbal means. ...
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Power, Culture and Language: Name: Institution: The relationship between language and culture is a concept many authors have wrote about in the past. That one’s culture eventually influences their language and their language will influence their view of life is a theory many scholars have fronted…
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