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THE PURPOSE OF FASHION WRITING By name: Course: Instructor: Institution: City and state of institution: Date: The Purpose of Fashion Writing Fashion is something, in which everyone participates. Most people participate in fashion with the aim of portraying an image.


In fashion, people focus mainly on the latest designers and the newest trends to present themselves. If used wisely and appropriately, fashion can give the best-desired outlook to those who participate in it. The most important aspect of fashion is how people look like in what they wear. Fashion is a tool meant to self-promote someone if used appropriately. Presently, global industrial revolution and modern enhancements create trends, which are referred to as fashion. The most representative trend is wearing the latest clothes and acquiring things considered fashionable. In the modern society, fashion is created on branding, which makes customers to think in terms of brands. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to occupy niche and communicate to their target market by offering people of definite lifestyle what they want and need. Young people always try out new fashion ideas and if the ideas become popular, many other people also try them, and the new styles become fashion trends. Fashion trends are often sparked by characters on popular television shows and movies, as well as adopted from magazine pages. Top designers always lead the way in creating trend setting in fashion. Although trends are popular, they last only for a short time. Musicians are also very influential when it comes to dictating fashion. ...
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