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Fashion Media Introduction Fashion, the general term denoting a popular style or practice, particularly in clothing, footwear, accessories, or makeup has become a pervasive concept today; in this sense, fashion refers to the distinctive and often habitual trends in the mainstream society.


Fashion rules media because most media outlets dedicate a lot of time to news from the fashion industry; this has led to the emergence of the distinctive area of fashion writing or fashion journalism, which focuses exclusively on fashion trends and the fashion industry in general. Fashion writing has become a very fundamental discipline today; this paper examines the purpose of fashion writing, particularly in today’s highly fashion-sensitive global atmosphere with reference to the Vogue fashion magazine. The fashion industry emerged in the modern age at the beginning of the 20th century (McRobbie 1996, p.13), with the rise of new technologies such as sewing machines, global capitalism, and the pervasiveness of the factory system of production; prior to this age, most clothing was custom-made or hand-made for individuals. Although it first developed in Europe and America, the fashion industry has grown in leaps and bounds to an international and highly globalized industry that entails the designing, manufacturing and selling of fashion goods such as clothes and accessories cross culturally. Conventionally, fashion and media have always existed in close proximity; the relationship between fashion and media has been pronounced, particularly in the modern age, with the rise of innovative information and communication tools such as the internet and the pervasiveness of media in mainstream society. ...
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