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1. Deductive research process: The deductive research process refers to a process whereby the researcher adopts a top down approach and starts working from general information gradually moving on to the specific. It is often described as the top-down approach because the researcher first develops a theory then forms the research hypothesis followed by observation and finally confirmation.


This research process begins with specific observations and gradually moving on to making broader generalizations and developing of theories based on observed facts. The process follows and develops a specific pattern based on which a tentative hypothesis is formed followed by theories. This process entails a high degree of uncertainty as compared to the deductive research process. Most of inductive research is qualitative in nature while deductive research is quantitative. This is because in most cases the inductive approach is of particular significance for qualitative content analysis while a deductive approach is more appropriate for a quantitative analysis. However at times the inductive approach allows for a strictly qualitative analysis the deductive approach on the other hand allows for either a qualitative or quantitative analysis or a combination of the two (Keyton, 2011). 2. ...
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