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Theory Assignment

There will almost always be some common ground from which to work. By working from known shared meanings, it is possible to attach new meanings and new workds by comparing either similarity or difference. Using the more visual metaphor or simile can work well in these circumstances, as long as there is also a clear shared understanding of meanings carries by such imagery. For example one might explain “timidity” as being afraid of small things, such as l0ooking someone else in the eye. However, in some Eastern and Asian cultures, it is the height of rudeness and a very aggressive act to look someone else directly in the eye. The opportunities for miscommunication are many and truly competent communicators are few. II: Discussing Plans for Saturday Night with my Friend’s Mother It was early one Saturday evening, and my friends and I were going out to hang in the downtown area near places where there were always lots of girs. My two friends left for a few minutes to get something, and I waited. ...
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Communication Theory Communication competence is the ability to interact with others in a way that transfers meaning correctly as desired. It is two way, as it includes speaking in way that the listeners will understand and listening for what they mean. “Humans act toward people, things, and events on the basis of the meanings they assign to them.” ("Theory Resources—A First Look at Communication Theory.") Therefore, someone who has developed communicative competence will find a way to examine and understand how the listener will interpret his words by identifying the meanings the listener ascribes to the speaker’s words…
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