How have ideas of realism been conceptualized and put into practice by filmakers?

How have ideas of realism been conceptualized and put into practice by filmakers? Essay example
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Realist films are generally more laid back or simplicity is their character since they are undertaken on an given, real location as opposed to the setup of a predefined studio setup.


Not much thought is put on the location and angle of the cameras taking the shots but instead the filming is more or less left to run its course with the cameras just there to capture and take shots . At times which is mostly most of the time, the shots taken end up being not crispy or fine, but this is the intension since it encourages the audience a more involved mental participation since it allows them to explore and appreciate the full complexity and richness of the shots.
Another important thing to note in realist films is the simplicity of its editing which is as much as possible kept to the minimal side this is because it is believed that too much editing influences the audiences interpretation in only one way since a lot of the choices and decisions tend to be made at the editing stage. Good examples of films which are more or less realist in style are documentaries. This is due to the fact that they showcase events that have occurred in the past and they tend to bring out these events in a manner that is understandable by the viewer with minimal if any manipulation in terms of the story line or the artistic part of the film.
In this article we are majorly concerned with the Italian and British realism and how their ideas were used in filmmaking. First of all we can define Italia realism as a kind of organization that had a national impact in terms of the films they produced and told to its audience such that they were majorly concerned with what was happening in the society be it the poor and working class relationships, to their day to day life not forgetting the things that affected them as poverty, social injustice just but to name a few. ...
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