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Name: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Institution: --------------------------------------------------------- Unit: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Date: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Persuasive communication Description The advert used in this case is a magazine advert that has a short word; “got milk?


” There is a statement; “rock hard.” on the same page is a paragraph that has the following words: “To keep the crowd on the feet, I keep my body in tune. With milk. Studies suggest that the nutrients in milk can play an important role in weight loss. So if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, try drinking 24 ounces of low fat or fat free milk every 24hours as part of your reduced calories diet. To learn more, visit a change that’ll do u good.” Audience analysis The audience in this case is people with weight problem, who are overweight and want to cut down to attain a beautiful look. At the same time it targets those who have correct weight and want to maintain it. Evidence from the text is… “Weight loss” and “maintain healthy weight.” This ad is used to manipulate the minds of the target audience as he exaggerated the power of milk and uses Sheryl Crow model to influence the targeted audience with little knowledge about the role of the church. The target group is a middle class and the rich class who are wealthy enough to afford that quantity of milk at the same time can afford the luxury of reading the magazine. ...
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