The role of Social Media as a mode of Market Communication in the U.K

The role of Social Media as a mode of Market Communication in the U.K Dissertation example
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The role of Social Media as a Mode of Market Communication in the U.K By [Name of student] [Presented to] [Name of institution] [Date] TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1.Introduction 3 1.1Introduction 3 1.2 Research Aim 4 1.3 Research Objectives 4 1.4 Research Questions 4 1.5: Background of the Research 5 1.6 Rationale for the Research Topic 6 1.7 Scope of the Research 6 1.8: Outline of the Dissertation 7 1.10: Summary 8 Chapter 2.0 Literature Review 09 2.1 Introduction 09 2.2 Social Media 09 2.3 Forms of Social Media 10 2.4 Function of Social Media 13 2.5: Importance of Social Media 16 2.6: Increasing Use of Social Media in the UK 18 2.7: Impact of Social Media on Sales 19 2.8: Summary 20 Chapter 3


TION 1.1: Introduction Marketing has been one of the most important aspects of creating awareness about different products and services. In last few years, the nature of marketing has changed a lot mainly because of the emergence of so many media tools capable of communicating with end users in an effective manner. One of the highly efficient and effective marketing communication tools that has gained immense popularity and acceptance in the global business environment is in the form of social media (Albrecht, 2006). ...
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