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Literature review Name Professor Course Institution Date How Hollywood Movies portray Arabs and Muslims After 9/11 The occurrence of 9/11 has since modified the theme of Hollywood movies especially when there is involvement Arab or Muslim characters. The attachment of a group of terrorists to the act, said to be Arabs and Muslims, strengthened the theme of Arab and Muslim terrorists in Hollywood movies.


The terrorism act provided a platform for the American society to strengthen their misconceptions about the Arabs. Movies form an integral part of the society considering that it strongly influences what the audiences feel. This means that the portrayal of Arabs and Muslims as bad is something that the American society identifies with; consequently, prompting the need for understanding the weight of 9/11 in this. Since the occurrence of 9/11, the movies have usually depicted arabs in a bad way especially when considering the four stereotypes stated by Shaheen. The four stereotype influenced by the 9/11 occurrence include fabulously wealthy; sex maniacs; revel in acts of terrorism (Shaheen, 2009). All these stereotypes serve in educating the society about the badness of the Arabs. Shaheen states, “Arabs remain the most maligned group in the history of Hollywood. Malevolent stereotypes equating Islam and Arabs with violence have endured for more than a century...Arab=Muslim=Godless Enemy." The occurrence of 9/11 have just added “sweetness” to the Hollywood movies whereby the movie producers easily gets a way to relate their work of art to the real world. ...
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