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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Media and Privacy Question 1 Journalism ethics fall under a variety of applied specialized ethics. They apply and evaluate the values and norms that steer journalism procedures. They contain theory and applied analysis. Journalists must at all times treat people with respect, compassion, and fairly.


It is not ethical to invade people’s privacy and it should always be paramount to protect their image (Karen 21). When dealing with cases where the person is in the public place, they expect to have their privacy protected from the public. However, they have to respect privacy but at the same time be robust about their investigation. Journalist should not disclose publicly any private, irrelevant and embarrassing facts about people. Misappropriating a person’s name and image for personal gain is also unethical. Intruding into a person’s solitude and exposing them to the public is against journalistic principles (Stephen 34). However, if an individual is considered to have been involved in any crime, they could have their rights to privacy waived as it mostly seen to be in the public’s interest to depict their behavior. The audience responds differently when it comes to nudity, coarse language, and violence. This should only be published when it is only necessary for the public to be made aware. When shocking materials are considered important in a story, they usually arouse negative public reaction. The public should be warned of disturbing and explicit materials that they may be exposed to (Stephen 15). ...
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