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How corporate and political interest corrupt global media Introduction The development of democratic institutions around the world is characterized by the existence of pillars, which are play fundamental role in highlighting the basic progress in governance.


As fourth pillar in the democratic principles and governance of a country, it helps in the identification of outlining corrupt acts within the government (Darch and Underwood, 2010). Despite this critical role, media itself as an institution is not immune to infiltration by corrupt politicians and corporate leaders who buy their names into the news. Despite lack of proper research into the area of media corruption and complacency in highlighting certain news aspects, media corruption is a reality. Powerful politicians and corporate leaders influence the nature of the reports made by the journalist for their own personal good and interest. Such practices go against the ethical protocols for media practitioners, as the role of the media is to make available to the public essential news items without interfering with the originality of the content to favor those involved (Besley & Prat, 2006). The evaluation of extent to which corporate and political interest have infiltrated the media is essential in the discussion of corruption in the media industry. In this paper, the role of political leaders and corporate managers in abetting corruption and malice in the media industry will be discussed. The paper will also provide the impacts of having a compromised media in today’s democratic situation by analysing the need for uncensored and biased news. ...
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