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Youth Culture and Moral Panic

Youth culture may term as a way or manner by which the youth conduct their lives or the manner in which they behave. This youth culture is a subculture that is different from the main culture of older generation within a given society. It may entail the different taste of youth in terms of interests, their belief, their interest in sports, music fashion among many other areas, Society segments and their reaction to moral panic effect on domestic violence. There are various segments or avenues where moral panic may take place and has some influence in the society institutions like marriages leading to child abuse and family violence. One of such avenue is the press. The press has had numerous cases of exaggerated news, distorted news, stereotyping and over reporting of events. There were also instances of some of the articles are distorted and gives false stories. The press do this to their advantage since their interests is to sell their articles. When these false stories and overrated events get in the hands of the society, it tends to disaffect the social structure and institutions of the society. ...
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Youth culture and moral panic Moral panic is a feeling or a response hat is expressed by the society about something that is causing the social structure, institution like marriages, and social to deteriorate. …
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