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Leadership Task One Personal Development Plan My personal development plan is in relation with the organizational objectives, and this is the reason why I find this development plan as being very comprehensive in entirety. The specific skills, attitudes and behaviors that I need to develop over a period of time include my understanding related with the work ethos.


What is even more engaging is the fact that the attitude should be geared towards getting the task done rather than procrastinating till the last moment. I cannot afford to let myself as well as the organization down in any way because this is simply not in line with what I have envisioned for my own self. I will measure the outcomes through an approach that suggests how effective I have been during a period of time. The outcomes will be measured against the inputs that I have made for the sake of the organizational hierarchies. The activities that I need to undertake in order to achieve my development goals remain tied with how well I am able to decipher the elements of change (Lyons, 2002). This is because change is the only constant within the workplace settings, and it would be sound to state that I remain inclined towards creating a positive change within my entirety so as to reap rich dividends within my personal development plan. What is deemed as significant here is an understanding that my work ethos remain head-on and strong with the passing times, and that I do not lose track of the vision that I have set for my own self as far as the future is concerned (Richter, 2006). ...
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