CommuniquМ©s from the Week Four Learning Team assignment

CommuniquМ©s from the Week Four Learning Team assignment Essay example
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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date of Submission: Review of Week Four Team Learning Assignment Communications from week four learning team assignment were basically addressing the financial instability of the JJJ Company and the recommendations not to acquire the Company by Riordan Company.


The other two communications were written by Beth, a staff accountant, addressed to Mark-the sales manager and peer staff accountants, where she advises the accounting department on the diligence report of the investigation, and the sales manager about the accounting results of the investigation. Effectiveness of Each Communication The communication addressed to the CEO was effective in such a way that it gave a report in a summary form and a recommendation to the CEO of the Company. Being that the accounting department is charged with the responsibility of evaluating a firm and giving it’s report about its financial position, the department went ahead to employ its professionalism into executing this task on the JJJ Company. Therefore, the effectiveness if this communication relies on the fact that the communicated information originated from the trusted accounting professional in the Company and were addressed to the CEO who also had a background in accounting hence he could understand the terms of this communication. ...
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