reality tv's negative affect on our society

reality tv
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Name Course Instructor Date Reality TV Negative Effects to Society The increased uptake of technology has meant that people are now able to access mass media which is readily available in the form of mostly television, radio, newspapers and internet amongst other forms of mass media.


Reality TV programs are usually choreographed to create an illusion that celebrates the dysfunctional and distasteful behavior in the society and the viewers end up seeing different concepts of the world. The more people watch these programs, the more they have a distorted view of reality as presented by the real world as they desire to have similar experience as that of the reality television program (Jerslev 162). In short, reality TV shows have been more popular over time as they show common people who consent to film their lives on a daily basis without a scripted format or dialogues. This paper seeks to discuss how these reality television programs have contributed negatively to the society especially in terms of decay of the morals and values held high by the society. There is now evidence and agreement that reality TV is often inaccurate and untrue in that it is highly edited and people react according to either how the creators of these programs intend them to react emotionally or psychologically (Edwards 7). Other research have also shown that watching reality TV and believing its content as the absolute truth can be stark dangerous as what the programs simply do is to shape the thoughts and values of the viewers along the lines of the show (O'Guinn and Shrum 274). ...
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