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Name Professor Subject/course Date Mean World Syndrome The “Mean World Syndrome” is a theory that was propagated for by George Gerbner who is an expert in matters that relate to the effects of mass media on viewers. The syndrome describes the impacts and/ or the effects that mass media content projects to the viewer - where the viewer and/ or the audience may view the world as a very cruel and/ or mean place to live in while in actual fact it is not.


..It used to be the parent, the school, the church, the community. Now it's a handful of global conglomerates that have nothing to tell, but a great deal to sell.” It is without doubt that back in the days when the media was not as full blown as it is now, meaningful stories used to be told by individuals such as: parents; guardians; teachers at school; church leaders; community members. However, that changed since the inception and the optimization of the media. As of now, the media can be in a position to tell stories in the manner that they would like to tell it regardless of the impact that the story will have on the viewers and/ or the audience. In addition to that, the media has the capability to manipulate stories and events in the manner which in most occurrences it will always be to their gain; that is to have a “great deal to sell” (“George Gerbner Leaves the Mean World Syndrome”) As cited from Murrey (2008), Warr, a professor of sociology, mentioned that the media has taken the centrefold to showcase that the world we live in is indeed very dangerous with regard to violence and crimes. ...
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