why it is important to consider the ethical issues raised by/within organizations. - Essay Example

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why it is important to consider the ethical issues raised by/within organizations.

Ethics are essentially the values and principles that are used by an individual in governing his decisions and activities. However, in organizations, ethics are commonly used to infer to the code of ethics or principles that are used in guiding the organization in its policies, programs and decisions. An organization’s ethical philosophy can critically affect its productivity, reputation and the business organization’s eventual bottom-line (Parker, 2008). The recent economic crisis and the relatively high competition in global markets, most organizations have taken to ignoring their basic ethics with the sole objective of attempting to ensure that they are able to effectively compete and stay well ahead of the ever stiffening competition. However, this is seen to be a worrying trend and it is important for organizations to understand the importance of ethical considerations as well as learn how they can be able to effectively maintain or use their current ethical standards and still remain quite competitive in the respective markets. Ethical considerations within an organization can be seen to affect different aspects of the business enterprise and are essentially categorized into a number of categories that are seen to variously include: ...
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Importance of Considering Ethical Issues that Happen to be raised within/by Organizations
Regardless of just how small or large an organization happens to be, it is critically important for its management to ensure that they critically consider all the ethical issues that may happen to be raised within/by the organization. …
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