The impact of social media on public relations profession worldwide - Research Paper Example

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The impact of social media on public relations profession worldwide

Public relation main priority is to provide goodwill to induce the public perception towards them (Noor & Hendricks, 2012). It is estimated that the number of individuals using the social media has been increasing over the years and that in the year 2012; the number was 1.43 billion people. Before the advent of social media, usernets were being used as alternatives of social media. They were first invented in the 1979 by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis. They were used in permitting persons to posts articles for people to read on the internet. Secondly, were the BBSs (Bulleting Board Systems) which were invented in the late seventy century. They allowed users to log in and interact with the other although it had limitations. Thirdly, were the online services which were made the internet more universal to individuals in the United States. Fourthly, was the IRC,ICQ and instant messaging which was developed in the 1989 and allowed for sharing and keeping in touch with others within the society. Then there were the earliest forms of social networks which were the dating sites. They were invented when people migrated to the online world. It was then followed by forums which acted as a precursor to the social web. ...
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Social Media on Public Relations Profession Worldwide Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date Social Media on Public Relations Profession Worldwide Social media is a form of electronic communication through which individuals from different parts of the world are allowed to interact and share their experiences, information and ideas without having to physically present while communicating with the intended audiences…
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