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Name: Title: Course: Tutor: Date: Impact of Social Media on Children Introduction The use of social media has become a common activity among children in the modern world. Any website that propagates social interaction is considered to be a social media website (Al-Deen & Hendricks, 2012).


Furthermore, of the 75% owning a cell phone, 25% use them for engaging in social media. Therefore, social media plays a significant role in shaping the lives of these children. Whereas there are indications of negative effects of social media, positive effects have also been observed with proper parental guidance. Social media impacts negatively on the lives of children as a whole. These negative impacts result from third party influences, misunderstanding online privacy matters and sharing of inappropriate content among peers (Westerman, Spence, & Heide, 2013). Social media promotes online harassment and cyber bullying. Cyber bullying refers to the use of digital media to relay hostile information or embarrassing and false communication on another person. This, according to the American Psychological Association, APA (2011), leads to psychosocial outcomes such as severe isolation, anxiety and depression. Tragically, it could cause suicide. Secondly, O’Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson observe “Facebook depression” as another common negative impact of social media on children (2011, 802). According to these researchers, when children spend a lot of time on social media, such as Facebook, they exhibit symptoms associated with depression. ...
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