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Name of Student Course/Subject Instructor’s Name Date Ethical issues in Journalism Ethics is set of rules in relation with values and morals that people follow in day-to-day lives. Ethics not only used for personal purposes but also in every individual’s career or profession (Angle 44).


Society of Professional Journalists 2). With each of these, there are more particular codes that need to be followed by journalists. Thus, violations of ethics and guidelines led to various ethical issues that journalism profession is facing today. This paper aims to discuss two ethical issues in journalism, which include bribery and extortion. Bribery and Extortion According to the Center for International Media and Assistance (CIMA), bribery and extortion are considered as the most crucial issue in journalism (Nyaira 300). Bribery means the act of accepting or offering some benefits either cash or kind to a certain employee or public servant. In journalism, it is called envelopmental journalism or accepting bribes in exchange for favorable media coverage. On the other hand, extortion is related to bribery, but the only difference is that extortion is the act of obtaining something like money by force or blackmail (Shava 4). Examples of Bribery An editor of a famous newspaper publication accepted money from a government official who committed corruption. The money serves a bribe instead of exposing the official’s wrongdoing; the editor wrote some accomplishments and projects done by the official to cover corruption issue. In this case the editor is not fair, honest, and accurate. Most of all, the editor did not act independently, which is a violation of ethics. ...
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