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Name Professor Class Date The Actual Malice Rule The actual malice rule is one of the regal requirements needed to prove slander against government officials and public figures. When false information is given, with knowledge that the information is false, this condition is known as actual malice.


The rule helps a lot in cases involving slander. Ever since 1964, the cases involved with slander are overseen by the constitution. There are special rules that are used to give directions on these cases. The rule applies a lot in the media fraternity. The actual malice rule originated from the media as a measure to protect themselves from prosecution from statements published that were false. The rule has helped in solving many cases. The rule has been there for a long time. In 1985, the rule got opposition from many sectors. There were tabloids and newspaper columns, which wrote articles about the disadvantages of the rule. The highest court in the land believes that this unique exemption for the mass media advocates vigorous and opens debate on radical issues. It trusts the guiltless person must be forwent for the betterment of the world (Epstein) the actual malice rule has provided parameters for people to escape justice by simply stating gross negligence. Ethical issues in journalism The word ethics are described as fundamental will to do and or once self properly in the society. Ethics is a Greek word that means to appeal. It shows concern for honorable people with dependable personality and appropriate behavior. It plays a major role in deciding what is good and what is bad (Ward). ...
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