Speech review for the Inaugural Address of John F.Kennedy

Speech review for the Inaugural Address of John F.Kennedy Essay example
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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy Introduction President John F. Kennedy delivered only one inaugural address on the Friday, 20th of January 1961, immediately after taking the oath of office at 12:51 (ET). The address was made, immediately after taking the oath of office, which was administered by Chief Justice Warren.


His focused nature is evident from his emphasis on using the future as the target of policies and politics, while at the same time using the past as the example, in making the required changes. This paper will explore the speech, its strong points and the speech skills of President Kennedy. The effectiveness of the speech The speech demonstrated President Kennedy’s activity using words, which exemplified his main goals of uniting the two opposite forces. Through the speech, he communicated his determination and his preparedness in striving for peace, and more importantly, includes everyone in the role of pursuing the goal. His metaphorical diction demonstrated the appealing nature of his leadership among the audience, where he encapsulates poverty and the liberation of Americans in well thought-out metaphors (Sorensen 37). Through his diction, he evokes a sense of justice, emphasizes the importance of national pride and demonstrated the respect deserved by Americans, by stating that they were forebears. In appealing to the masses, he mentions the general Americans along with the icons of American presidency mentioned, among them the outgoing president. ...
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