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A relationship between two individual always pass through different phases. Rob Reiner's romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally is a movie which gives an idea about how a relationship can grow between two strangers, what are the different phases their relationship can pass through and what are the common characteristics that a relationship can have.


When Harry Met Sally is a romantic movie directed by Rob Reiner, released on 1989. The main two characters of the movie Harry and Sally were played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. The movie begins with two unfamiliar persons Harry and Sally, newly graduated from University of Chicago jointly travel in a car from Chicago to New York, a place where they would find their living. In this movie, for a period of 11 years , during the basic stage of their relationship both Harry and Sally debated about a common fact and that was can a man and a women be nonsexual friend or not. If we analyze both the characters, Harry give the impression of carefree attitude, but is doubtful enough to “read the last page of a book first”; in case he dies, he says, “at least he'll know how it ends. And know-it-all Sally insists that Ingrid Bergman really wanted to leave Humphrey Bogart. From the dialogue of Sally ''I don't want to spend the rest of my life in Casablanca with a guy who owns a bar” her attitude towards life becomes very clear and also clearly represents who she is at that point of time. It presents the story of ten years down the line when Sally had a break up with her boyfriend and Harry’s wife left him and they again become best friends. ...
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