Video games are the latest expression of the 'control society' (Deleuze 1992) Discuss this claim in relation to ideas of con - Essay Example

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Video games are the latest expression of the 'control society' (Deleuze 1992) Discuss this claim in relation to ideas of con

The children who learn a sort of behaviour from these video games usually affect their own health, their social life and start lacking in physical activity games (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). This essay has explained the Deleuze’s concept of controlled society and how the video games can be, or, are being used in control and improvising of the control society. Evolution of Video Games Video Games have evolved over the past two decades. There was once a time when 16-bit and 32-bit gaming consoles were extremely popular around the world. These games were usually two-dimensional in nature and were relatively clean in terms of violence, nudity, expletives and sexual content (Gottfried, 2005). However, gaming has evolved rapidly with the passage of time and today, three- dimensional games are widely available. These games boast the most detailed and crisp high definition graphics and an addictive game play. Unfortunately, with advances in gaming technology, the level of inappropriate and unsuitable content in games has also increased to an alarming level (Gottfried, 2005). Advancements in Technology and the modern emergence of video games With the rapid growth and development of the society, the modernization of the technology is an important aspect that cannot be neglected. ...Show more


Video games and improvising the control society By: [Name of the writer] Subject: [Name] Presented to: [Teacher Name] Institution: [Name] City/State: [Name] Date Submitted: [Name] Video games and improvising the control society Introduction Technology is the main reason to the video games generation…
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"Video games are the latest expression of the 'control society' (Deleuze 1992) Discuss this claim in relation to ideas of con"
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