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The life of Waris Dirie begins as the “child labor” within the family, tending goats and looking after other domestic duties. She runs away from the house to escape an arranged marriage to a 60 year old man.


She reaches Mogadishu and moves to London with the kindness shown to her by her uncle, the Somalian Ambassador. She learns English and emerges as a model. She is later appointed as the Special Ambassador to the United Nations to head the department of FGM.
2. Desert Flower
“Desert Flower” is the memoir of Waris Dirie. It is the story of how a nomadic girl from a backward country, Somalia, rises to become an internationally known super-model and then takes the top assignment as the UN Ambassador for the cause of women. She is a remarkable beauty with extraordinary courage. Her march from the village mud roads to the fashion runways of Milan, Paris and London reads like fiction. The name of the book is “Desert Flower”, but actually the author deserves that name. Cathleen Miller is the ghost writer of the book but the facts and the emotions of the content belong to Waris. The sum and substance of the book according to her own understanding is: Everything decided for her by God and she is just doing the work allotted to her by Him. Birth and death are in the hands of God and none has say on that issue. She will continue to take chances and she does the same throughout her life. During her run, she is nearly eaten by a lion, but the lion somehow spares her. About that encounter she writes, when I realized the lion was not going to kill me, I knew that God had something else planned, some reason to keep me alive. ...
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