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Case Study example - Unethical Advertisements: Offensive Portrayal of Women

Unethical Advertisements: Offensive Portrayal of Women Case Study example
Case Study
Journalism & Communication
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Un-Ethical Advertisements: Offensive portrayal of Women
Ethics can be defined as the codified moral principles or values which governed any individual to act in a certain situation. Ethics plays a very important role in shaping the society…

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Advertising is one of the most important tools in the promotion channels which can be used by any organization to popularize its product. Either talk about electronic media or print media, a TV channel or a news paper, a poster or a road hoarding, advertising is still an effective medium to convey the message of the organization to the target audience. Advertising is also referred towards marketing communication. While talking to anybody we should take care of the ethics of the context as well as that of the receiver also. Business ethics is a very important topic in this globalised world. So when advertising is considered there is an important issue regarding ethics which must be assured to the target audience. The firm who is going to advertise any of its products must deem the theme of its advertisement before launching it. The advertisement content must remain under the boundaries of cultural ethics. Generally speaking the three moral standards of advertising must be truthfulness, social responsibility and the dignity of each and every individual either a man or a woman (Ethics in Advertising, n.d.). But it is usually seen that the female part of the society is not truly represented or we can say that they are not shown in a positive way. This essay mainly focuses on the wrong depiction of the women in the advertisements. According to one of the authors “advertising sometimes creates controversial issues which cause problems to the society” (Amoako, 2012).
Promotion is the element which shows the thinking pattern of the company towards their customers as well as the whole society (Brunello, n.d.). Therefore the makers should keenly focus on the theme of their advertisement that how it will be treated by the common people. ...
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