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Controversial in American Media - Admission/Application Essay Example


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Controversial in American Media

The child’s reaction was to “kill everyone in China” as if this would be a logical and ethical solution, thereby preventing the country from ever having to repay this sizeable obligation. Kimmel’s rather unsympathetic response was that the proposed answer was “interesting” and continued to discuss Chinese citizen murder as a potential solution. These comments and lack of empathy for the position of Chinese citizens led to considerable outrage and allegations of racial insensitivity. High-profile figures in the media have an obligation to stakeholders in society to be responsible, balanced and non-bigoted if they are expected to retain loyal viewership and maintain the reputation of the network sponsoring their continued television appearances. This is a fundamental aspect of being contracted as a representative of the network in which television hosts are employed. However, at the same time, society must also be mature and recognize that satirical television shows often develop concepts and unique programming that challenges the complacency of social values and attitudes. In this particular situation, both Kimmel and societal stakeholders that protested the network were not dedicated to obligations of being even-handed regarding the rationale for appraisal by which both groups’ actions were evaluated. Kimmel and network representatives were exploring current events that were impacting all members of society, attempting to lighten the social gravity of national debt and its subsequent impact

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on the national economy, something quite commonplace for satirical programming. This situation occurred on the proverbial heels of recent media spoofs about the competency of government and the lack of transparency and reciprocation that should be taking place with national leadership. Hence, it was already on the forefront of social consciousness that there were problems and immaturity occurring in various governmental divisions which are those responsible for ensuring proficiency in controlling debt and managing national crises. The individuals who protested the alleged racist motivations for the skit seemed to have lost touch with the intention of satirical television shows, instead believing that Kimmel’s comments were a prejudiced statement indicating the beliefs and values of the network. This is rather problematic in modern society, whereby certain members of society become so deeply entrenched in their own social agendas that they lose impartiality and the ability to see situations from the perspectives of others. This placed the network and Kimmel in a situation between protecting the interests of the network, satisfying these special interest individuals, and also entertaining stakeholders with a much more open-minded and mature attitude about television humor. It is not to say that Kimmel and the network should be defended and admired for scripting the suggestion that all Chinese citizens should be murdered as by virtually all Western ethics and morals, such comments would be offensive and inappropriate. However, one must look at the dynamics of modern television satire and realize that the suggestion of killing was only sardonic and attempted to mock the social status quo to better engage more flexible citizens


Jimmy Kimmel and the Controversy of Killing all Chinese Citizens BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Jimmy Kimmel and the Controversy of killing all Chinese Citizens On October 16, 2013, Jimmy Kimmel aired an episode that attempted to satire the recent government shutdown in the United States as well as address the problem of American debt payable to China…
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Controversial in American Media essay example
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