Definig Terrorrism and victims of terrorism

Definig Terrorrism and victims of terrorism Assignment example
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Post-Positivist Exercise Instructor University Name Date Post-Positivist Exercise Introduction A discourse analysis is an evaluation of a logical flow of words in a text or narrative. This discourse analysis in particular was covered on a story that ran on “The Vancouver Sun” about a teenage girl who committed suicide following a case of cyber bullying that led to a school yard attack.


The discourse analysis was successful because the message of the text was clearly analyzed and questions like to whom and by who was the message addressed to, well analyzed and answered. Discourse Analysis A discourse analysis involves a close engagement with a text or transcript and the clarification of its significance and meaning through sophisticated and insightful work. This story was written by Gillian Shaw and Lori Culbert for the Vancouver Sun a newspaper with an online correspondent. The aim for this story is for the reader to consider how the issue of cyber bullying can impact on the victim’s life. Therefore, the text tries to create an awareness on the consequences of bullying in the life of a victim and as a result condemning the act altogether. The orientation of the story shows how the writer creates a visual picture to a reader by describing the events. The narrator states, “The mother of a teenager who died Wednesday of suspected suicide wants her daughter’s anti-cyber-bullying video to be used to help other young people. Fifteen-year-old Amanda Todd was found dead in a Port Coquitlam home at 6 p.m. ...
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