Social Learning Theory (one of the communication theories)

Social Learning Theory (one of the communication theories) Assignment example
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Social Learning Theory Albert Bandura is famous for his work known as social learning theory. He is one of the known psychologists in various fields such as personality psychology, social cognitive theory, and therapy. It would be dangerous to only learn from experience.


For instance, when the behaviour model displayed violent words and actions towards the Bobo doll, the children did the same. The method involved 36 boys and 36 girls. The children were from 3 to 6 years of age. The first group of participants (24 boys and girls) were made to observe a model who exhibited aggressive actions and words towards the Bobo doll. Meanwhile, the second group of the same population were made to watch a non-aggressive model. Finally, the last group was treated as the control batch and had no exposure to any models. The conclusions indicated that the children who were made to observe an aggressive model tended to exhibit more similarly violent behaviors. Interestingly, gender had a significant influence. If the role model was male, the girls showed more physical aggression. On the other hand, if the role model was female, the girls displayed more verbal hostility. However, there is no significant difference between girls’ and boys’ levels of verbal aggression. In addition, boys emulated role models of the same sex more as compared to girls. Bandura furthered that observational learning involves a live, verbal, or symbolic models. This means that exemplars may be live people or animals, auditory directions, or characters that may be seen in different kinds of media such as movies and books. ...
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