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Social Networking Site: Twitter Introduction Since the start of Internet during the 1990s, various scholars have focused on classifying the unifying traits of virtual or online communities. A virtual community comprises of a group of individuals or business associates who interacted based on common interests, where interactions are technology backed or and/or mediated and directed by certain specific regulations (Preece, 2000).


Currently marketing via social networking media is gaining increasing popularity, owing to the fact that a large number of virtual community members belong to the high earning and spending category. This is evident in Porter’s paper where it was suggested, “firms can also benefit from using virtual communities to fulfill business goals. Many have begun to integrate virtual communities into their online strategies in search of the following benefits: Increased sales Positive word-of-mouth More effective market segmentation Increased website traffic Stronger brands Higher advertising and transaction fee revenue Better product support and service delivery” (Porter, 2004). ...
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