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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Ethics of Social Media Since the beginning of the 21st century, latest information technology has revolutionized the way of communicating through several social networking websites like facebook, twitter, MySpace and others.


However, such responses from the veterans are subjected to continue rejections and challenges with time as the technology of the social networking is changing and facing new horizons. The main aspect of the use of this technology can be seen by the transformation of the communication process, but the social bonding is virtually ethical or not needs a constant reply. The bonding is in terms of friends, parents’ children bonding, and employer link to employee, coworker to other coworker, student and teacher, neighbors, buyer and sellers, doctor connections with patients and many others. The ethical conclusions on such networking technologies are not based on personal grounds. The interacting web service is complex in nature with connection to the online and offline world, the different motives of the developers and corporations comes out to be disputable and therefore, it is in the basic need of some strict philosophical and ethical balances for the future years of the networking world. Definition and history of social networking services: The phrase “social networking” has diverse meaning and concepts with no clear definition. As humans on earth are in constant reach of social networking by one way or the other since the time of the birth (Boyd 16). ...
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