Development of radio programs from idea to transmission

Development of radio programs from idea to transmission Essay example
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Development of Radio Programs from Idea to Transmission   Essay December 22, 2012   Name Institution Introduction Radio is one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century. It has also been regarded, in some circles, as the most popular medium in the world.


Moreover, radio has greatly contributed to the growth of the contemporary auditory culture. Radio broadcasting entails wireless transmission of signals. The transmission occurs through space. The sounds are converted into waves through electronic radiation of frequency. This paper focuses on development of radio programs from an idea to its transmission. The paper will demonstrate the role that radio plays in the development of the auditory culture. Radio transmission entails recording and editing of data for broadcasting purposes. The data is transmitted in the form of signals called radio waves. For transmission to occur, there must be radiation of energy from the transmitting antennae. The energy is in the form of radio waves, which convey the information. The radio waves travel at a speed of 300,000km/sec, which is equivalent to 186,000 miles/sec. After travelling through space, the waves reach a receiving antenna and produce an electric voltage, which is then amplified. The amplification results in retrieval of the original information and conversion into an understandable form1. Transmission entails passage of sound waves through an oscillator to produce an electrical signal. The signal produced is of a given frequency, which is controlled by a quartz crystal. The signal is then amplified thousands of times to produce a radio frequency carrier. ...
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