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Table of Contents Sl. No. Title Page No. 1 Introduction 2 2 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) 2 3 ABC- A History 3 4 Roles of Australian Broadcasting Corporation 4 4.1 ABC Radio 4 4.2 ABC Television 5 4.3 ABC Online 6 5 ABC at National Level 7 6 ABC at International Level 8 7 ABC- Role in Mass Communication 9 7.1 Radio 9 7.2 Television 10 7.3 Online- Network Service 10 8 The Effective Means of Mass Communication 10 9 Conclusion and Recommendation 11 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) 1.


Mass communication is a significant element of the communication process in any society. The process of mass communication occurs in many ways and it is essential for creating awareness about the social, political, economical as well as various other factors occurring both within the nation and outside of its borders. Starting from news papers to the modern online network of mass communication encompasses a wide variety of means to ensure the seamless flow of communication. The mass media at present has evolved developed enormously from the earlier stages. The accuracy and speed of communication through various media have remarkably advanced. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is a key player in the field of mass communication, and the national broadcaster of Australia they have a long, successful presence of eighty years in this field. 2. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC): Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), informally known as ‘Aunty,’ is a publicly owned national broadcaster of Australia. ABC has been providing various communication services to the country since last eighty years. ...
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