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Name: Institution: Abstract: Magic bullet theory of the media asserts that individuals are passive consumers of misleading information from the media. The theory asserts that the media acts as magic bullets that enter in to passive brains of individuals who are incapable of controlling the nature of the information.


The public cannot control the media influence since the media first fires the message in to their minds without their knowledge. Needle (media) will inject the messages directly to the brains of the audience thus altering the psyche and behaviors since the audience is assumed to be passive thus the ‘Hypodermic Needle theory’. These two theories explains how the audience reacts to direct messages of the media especially propaganda news. Some instances that these behavioral theories of media have been applied include ‘the war of worlds’ and the ‘panic broadcast’ in the 1930s that reached more than 10 million American citizens with a majority of them believing the news. The two broadcasts caused chaos among the population. The theory suggests that the mass media has the capacity of influencing a large portion of the population by injecting certain messages that are designed to trigger a desired perception and response. The theory assumes that the media is a dangerous form of communication since the audience is powerless and cannot resist the impact of the messages (Bhatnagar, 2011). People receive information from the media and agree to it since no other forms of communication such as interpersonal communication (Ploy, G.M. (1995). ...
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