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Violent Behavior in the Media and its impact on Violence in the Physical World BoYeon Lee Arizona State University Abstract Violence and aggression in the media has been an increasing trend for many years as technology continues to increase and programmers compete for ratings.


This review focuses on the effect of television violence on aggression in real life and develops a comprehensive experimental procedure for testing whether there is a relationship between the level of violence that is observed, and the aggression that is shown for adult males. Participants were exposed to two hours of television programming (including advertising), for which the level of violence was calculated. A total of six different levels were used, falling into three categories: children’s cartoon, adult comedy and adult action. The level of aggression shown by participants was tested using a twenty-question survey, where individuals were asked how they would respond to different situations, with responses varying in the level of aggression shown. These responses can then be analyzed using statistical tests to determine whether there is a significant trend. Literature Review Introduction Society as a whole is consistently being fed with violent images, ideas and themes from the media that surrounds us. This is particularly important in the present age where mass media is a common method is a common method of advertising and entertainment. Mass media comes in many forms and the term is used to any form of media communication that reaches a large group of people at the same time. Different forms of mass media include newspapers, the Internet, billboards, movies, television and magazines . ...
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