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Theory of cognitive dissonance Name Lecturer Date Theory of cognitive dissonance Introduction Cognitive dissonance is a theory that has greatly changed the way in which psychologists analyze behavior as well as decision making. The theory starts with cognition.


Many people hate having cognitive dissonance (Festinger, 1957). Cognitive dissonance can also be applied in resolution of conflicts. The theory provides a way forward in elimination as well as in the perpetuation of the conflict. Cognitive dissonance can either aggravate or lessen both the small and large scale conflicts. For example the conflict that rises from the discussion that rises from abortion in America. The discussion is torn between those who stand by the thought that abortion should never be given a chance to take place in the society and those who believe that abortion should be allowed in the society according to different provisions that can make it necessary to be accepted. As soon as negative cognitions are upheld, they mostly are often reinforced almost immediately by the cognitions that are similar while on the other hand, the thoughts that seem to contradict are often ignored. The conflicting sides can always be unwilling to scrutinize new pieces of information that is presented by the opposing side’s stance so as to avoid such a situation that may bring about cognitive dissonance. The concept of cognitive dissonance explains why so many people always oppose counterarguments that revolve around beliefs that they hold so dear in life. ...
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