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A Discourse Analysis regarding the use of Public Relations in Social Media: A Case Study of Proctor and Gamble and their Kids Thank You Mom Campaign Series - Research Paper Example

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A Discourse Analysis regarding the use of Public Relations in Social Media: A Case Study of Proctor and Gamble and their Kids Thank You Mom Campaign Series

1.6 Background – Key Concepts and theories 8
1.6.1 Public Relations and Social Media 8
1.6.2 Social Change and public Relations 9
1.6.3 Processes of Social Change 10
1.6.4 ICT and Public Relations 11
2.0 Literature Review 12
2.1 Related Studies 12
3.0 Research Methodology 14
3.1 Discourse Analysis Method 14
3.2 Sampling and Selection Criteria 15
3.3 Analytical Techniques 15
3.3.1 Surface Descriptors and Structure 16
3.3.2 Social Actors 16
3.3.3 Language and Rhetoric 16
3.3.4 Framing 17
3.3.5 Ideological Standpoints 17
3.4 Methodological Reflections 17
4.0 Results 18
4.1 Surface Descriptors and Structural Organization 18
4.2 Social Actors 19
4.3 Language and Rhetoric 19
4.3.1 Topicalization 19
4.3.2 Rhetorical Figures 20
4.3.3 Quoting Credible Sources 20
4.4 Framing 21
4.5 Ideological Standpoints 22
5.0 Conclusion 24
Executive Summary
The business world has been transformed significantly through advances in human and social communication through the establishment of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). As a result, there have been increasing uses of social media technologies that allow new forms of expressions that stimulate customer purchases of various products. Procter and Gamble (P&G) is one such company to have harnessed the benefits of social media through their “Kids” Thank You Mum Campaign series that was launched at the 2012 Olympics. ...
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary 5
1.0 Introduction 6
1.1 An overview of the Procter and Gamble Market 6
1.2 Changes that the industry has undergone in social media 6
1.3 Justification 7
1.4 Research Purpose 7
1.5 Research Questions 8
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