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Research Paper example - An Analysis of the Impact of Global Communication on Dominican Republic: Electronic Colonialism Theory and World Systems Theory

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Research Paper
Journalism & Communication
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The scale and role of global media changed radically. Every major global multimedia corporation is based in Japan, Europe, and the United States. Many of the cultural issues involved stem from countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America (McPhail 19-22). …

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Throughout this essay, world-system and electronic colonialism theories are used to analyze the impact of global media and communication on contemporary Dominican Republic. Electronic colonialism theory explores the cultural factors shaping people’s behaviors and outlooks, while world systems theory tries to analyze and classify the various regions or countries into three categories—core, semi-periphery, and periphery.
There is a major and significant connection between world system theory and electronic colonialism. Electronic colonialism theory asserts that when transmitted the media bring with them an array of norms and ideals. These norms are cultural, social, economic, and at times religious and political. They bring with them the English language in the form of the Internet, movies, or music (McPhail 18). World system theory expands electronic colonialism theory by classifying the countries of the world into three groups; it afterward elaborates how the core group tries to control the two inferior groups. Several core countries are interested in the effect and assimilation of electronic colonialism theory as well (Grosfoguel & Cervantes-Rodriguez 172). Australia, Israel, Great Britain, France, and Canada are major core countries that persistently express anxiety over the Americanization of their local consumption pattern and cultural industries. They understood that with every added commercial media channel, there will be greater resources used for incorporated program or lost royalties reducing even more resources for local media productions (McPhail 23). ...
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