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The Secretary of State at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is given statutory power to make substantial grants to firms in designated “special zones”, a substantial part of whose business has been in defence-related industries.


The purpose of the grants is to enable the firms to modify their machinery and retrain their staff for other kinds of production. Because a very large number of applications is expected, the senior official at the DTI in charge of the programme decides that priority should be given to firms which have previously supported a scheme run by another government department, the Department of Education and Science (DES), which encouraged firms to give time to allow their staff to attend training and further education courses. The clerk at the DTI who processes applications is instructed that, unless there are exceptional features, grants should be awarded only to firms which are certified by the DES as having a good record under the previous scheme. Advise Thor Industries plc, whose application for a grant is turned down. It is agreed that Thor Industries are located in a special zone and that a substantial part of their business has been in defence-related production, but they have not been certified by the DES. Answer: The statutory power is given to the Secretary of the State at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) according to which the decision can be made to approve grants for the firms who come under special zones where considerable portion of their business involves defence related activities. Thor Industries Plc. satisfies this condition very much as it comes under special zone and it has major activities related to defence sector. ...
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