The influence of risk attraction and risk aversion in the adoption and diffusion of the extreme sports. - Thesis Example

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The influence of risk attraction and risk aversion in the adoption and diffusion of the extreme sports.

As contemporary society has become preoccupied with safety and certainty, risk has steadily become a sinister phenomenon. Society has become quite obsessed with reducing risk and uncertainty that activities not directly approved by the mainstream society are immediately considered disagreeable. This essay discusses the influence of risk attraction and risk aversion in the adoption and diffusion in extreme sports. In sport, risk refers to the likelihood of actual, physical danger. In extreme sports like big wave surfing, snowboarding, and base jumping this has been assumed to indicate extremely high levels of risk, an extremely high possibility that something bad will happen, and a significant possibility of death (Kerr, 2005). Hence involvement in extreme sports has been deemed undesirable and deviant. Reasons for engagement in extreme sports are most frequently associated with the idea of ‘adrenaline rush’ or a craving to take socially undesirable and pathological risks (Cecile & Laurendeau, 2010). The hypothesis is that risk functions as a driving force for partakers with little talent but a frantic desire to hook up with the image of prestige related to extreme sports. ...
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The Influence of Risk Attraction and Risk Aversion in the Adoption and Diffusion of Extreme Sports Name Institution Introduction Risk theorists in the field of sport research try to explore the attraction of extreme sports. In the 1990s, the concept of ‘risk’ became related to a large body of research in sport research, and risk became one of the most important areas of analysis in the field…
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