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Article Review Article Review – Reflective Learning Author Author Affiliation Introduction Listening is more often than not confused by human beings with hearing. Hearing is a completely mechanical process which is performed by us all the time. Listening goes beyond this mechanical process.


The article has been included in the appendix. Reflective listening is more difficult than most people believe it is. It requires full concentration on part of the listener to pay attention to the speaker and not let his thoughts or judgments come in the way. Reflective listening is done to help a speaker sort out a problem or to allow him to express his feelings. We will analyze the techniques proposed by Dalamr fisher with regard to this aspect of listening. Analysis of the article The above article deals with the reflective technique of listening. It initially goes on to explain the listening orientation and then follows it up with how reflective listening is to be performed. The writer explains what reflective listening is and when it used. He says that it should be used when your are trying to help the speaker deal with something. Very little effort to provide solutions to the speaker should be done; the primary focus of this type of listening is to let the speaker deal with his emotions and let him find a solution for himself. The first thing of importance that article describes in the orientation to be adopted while listening. The orientation should consist of four main components: empathy, acceptance, congruence and concreteness. The writer then goes on to explain empathy as the listener’s desire to understand the internal frame of mind of the speaker. ...
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